Video walls not only contribute massive functional value to your businesses ability to communicate, but they also lend an aesthetic edge that can secure the impression of your brand in the minds of your clients, and contribute positively to workplace culture when used in an office. Consider the benefits of video walls with Pacific Integration.

Form and Function.

Video walls are incredibly powerful communications technology.

Capable of more than just sending and receiving information, a video wall demands the attention of all those around it, and rewards this attention with incredible interactive visual displays.

The applications of video walls are endless. Capable of being installed indoors, outdoors, as a permanent feature of a structure, or as a part of a mobile installation; the potential uses for a video wall are limited only by your imagination. Consider the following:

Office Applications

If your office is frequented by potential clients, video walls can have a tremendous effect on nurturing leads into paying clients. A prominently placed video wall will not only project professionalism to all those that enter your office, but serve as a functional asset that increases the productivity of your team.

Given a massive interactive display, your team becomes significantly more capable of collaborating creatively on projects. Presentations not only increase in size, but become deeper experiences as an audience is capable of directly interacting with presented subject matter.


Billboards are one thing. Interactive billboards are something else entirely. The average western citizen has built up a tolerance to common forms of print advertising, one that interactive displays have been repeatedly demonstrated to break through.

With the right display and media, you can not only attract the attention of passerby’s, but capture it fully by allowing them to directly engage with the ad on display.


Video walls allow for the easy and efficient collaboration of team members. Placed in a boardroom or meeting room, they allow for the display of tremendous amounts of information, and preclude the need for often inconvenient accessory media. Members of an audience have no need to break their attention from displayed subject matter to view their laptop screens or provided leaflets, and this has a massive effect on comprehension and retention of material.

Pacific Integration – Vancouver’s Best Source for Video Walls

A properly deployed video wall can unlock the creative potential of your workers, increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, and optimize the effectiveness of your communications.If you are interested in the benefits of video walls for your Vancouver business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pacific Integration.