You’re ready to take your visual experience to new extremes. You’re waving your white flag – or maybe in this case, waving the white sheet you tried hanging on the wall – and can’t wait to pick the perfect projector screen. You’re ready for perfect pixel presentations. You’re ready for something bigger and better.

Upgrading the outdated technology in your home or office to a less complicated, more innovative system is no easy task. There are a lot of components that determine the perfect projector screen. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to start.

As your passionate audiovisual integration experts, we’ve got a few pointers to help you find the ultimate projector screens to entertain and improve your viewing and presentation experiences.

Pick A Purpose

Which environment are you looking to improve? There are unique projection solutions suited specifically to enhance commercial use and personal use. What’s necessary for a perfect boardroom presentation might not be desired for a home audience watching feature films — and vice versa. Finding the right projection system is customized around user experience. Do you want to give empowering presentations, or feel like you’re sitting right along the sidelines of your favorite football game? Narrow down your wide selection of projector screens based on personal or professional use.

Fit Your Style

For both home and office purposes, you’ve got a variety of different kinds of projector screens. The main split – choosing between portable (or sometimes called retractable) versus fixed projector screens. In other words, you can actually take it with you!

You’ll find display screen options when you’re looking for something more permanent. Some argue greater image quality comes with fixed screens. Because these displays won’t need to be rolled up and wheeled along, they can be made using materials that stretch tightly against the surface, giving you a silky smooth image. Creating your home theatre can be costly, but generally speaking it’s easy to find a stylish fixed screens within your budget.

Not looking for something so permanent? The portable, motorized projector screens don’t disappoint. You can still bring a phenomenal high-def experience to any multi-use room in your office or at home. There are a plethora of great portable presentation screens, but we highly recommend finding a tab-tensioned setup that keeps the screen from curling, and gives you a flat presentation-ready screen anywhere you go.

Size Does Matter

Now let’s break out the ruler to take size into consideration. In some cases, bigger isn’t better. Your picture can change depending on a handful of measurable factors: how big the wall is, distance from projector to screen, how far you’ll be sitting away from the screen, etc. Sometimes this may deal more with preference (the ratio should be used more as a guide), and can be adjusted accordingly. There are screens of all sizes, designed specifically to fit your visual expectations.

Above all, we recommend taking all of these components into consideration when you’re shopping for a projector screen. Do your research and before purchasing anything!

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