The extent to which your meeting, presentations, and marketing materials command the attention of your audience determines their success. If your business does not have what it needs to ensure attention and participation of your audience, it is fundamentally hampered. Investing in professional Audio/Visual products, design, and installation provides you the strongest foundation from which the best results can be achieved. Find out how with Pacific Integration.

The Reality of Divided Attention

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a meeting with colleagues, presenting to clients, or advertising to your market; if you require the attention of an audience, you must compete for it.

In today’s age, attention is a more scarce resource than ever before. Our phones are in our pockets, our laptops and tablets on boardroom tables, and they’re all dinging and buzzing, demanding we pay attention to them. The expectation during meetings and presentations is that we don’t divide our attention. The reality is that our attention is more fractured and fragmented than ever before.

If you want to ensure the effectiveness of your meetings, presentations, and marketing materials; you need to equip yourself with the best tools to compete.

The Key is Entertainment

The word “entertainment” is means ‘to draw them in’ (enter) and keep them in (tain, like contain).

Do your meetings, presentations, and marketing materials do this?

Often meetings are dry affairs, and are purely informative. Nobody expects drama and color from a meeting, but the fact remains that they generally do very little to capture the attention of an audience. Attention is always divided, so retention and participation suffer.

Professional A/V can change this.

When you cant drum up your presentation to enrapture an audience, you can rely on the power of your media to ‘pick up the slack’. If your content cannot be colorful, the right media can make it powerful. Consider the following example:

Unlock Attention With The Right Media

Consider SMART boards. Only one of a whole range of tools available for business applications from Pacific Integration.

When you’re giving a presentation that depends on information that is fundamentally dry and boring, providing your audience an opportunity to interact with it can be all it takes to control their total attention.

SMART boards do this by turning a power-point presentation into a collaborative ‘touch-screen’ experience. Participants are required to get up, walk away from their devices, and devote their attention to collaboratively interacting with a presentation’s subject-matter. Not only are they forced to devote their attention to the content on-screen, but as an added benefit they do so together, building off of the interaction of participants, sharing ideas and thoughts all along the way.

Find the Right Media With Pacific Integration

This is only a single specific example meant to address a single specific context. The reality is that for every business application that depends on the attention of an audience, the right media provides a foundation that can make ‘entertainment’ effortless, and attention absolute.

If you’re interested in hearing about the benefits that the right media solutions can provide for your business, get in touch with Pacific Integration.