You’re probably doing your research on projector screens Vancouver because you’ve got a bright entrepreneurial spirit and you’re looking to improve your audio visual experience for work. Or maybe you’re looking for a home projector screens Vancouver setup to give your house guests the ultimate screen experience for movies, shows and more. Either way, you’ve come to the right place to get all the basics in a neat, compiled list to help you understand the big picture.

Screen Size

This is one of those times when size certainly matters. Basically, you’re going to need to decide where exactly you’d like to place the screen, measure out the dimensions available pertaining to the space, and go from there. You don’t want to go for the biggest size, high definition projector screens Vancouver if you haven’t got the actual space for it – save yourself the headache and plenty of precious time, measure it all out and take a step back to envision how the 100+ inches of high-def crystal clear view is going to be.

The Almighty Aspect Ratio

For anyone who is new to this concept, aspect ratio of projector screens Vancouver considers the width of the screen compared to the screen’s height. The arguably neatest part about the projector you’ve purchased is that it can adjust to many different sizes – unfortunately on the other hand, screens can’t be cropped and enlarged, although there are many sizes to originally choose from. Most broadcasts are filmed and output as 16 foot wide displays by 9 feet tall, which, with the aspect ratio would be written as 16:9. While most projectors are this size, there are a few methods for showing larger or smaller movies on new screen. What that means is that your screen doesn’t have to be 16:9 even though your project or movie is.

What You “Gain”

This word comes with two meanings for your projector screens, Vancouver. First of all, gain is a term that references how much light the screen reflects. In other words, the gain measures how the screen focuses the light. Rather than spreading the light into many directions, the gain can help you send all of the high-def light in one specific direction onto your projector screens Vancouver.

But in the other sense of the word, we’d like to let you in on a few things you gain by having projector screens. Vancouver, there’s no feeling quite like having your very own home theater – it’s an experience that you can’t just can’t turn back from. Excellent image quality, phenomenally crystal clear sound; it excites a handful of your senses unlike that of a TV. If you’re using projector screens for a business setting, you’re going to be gaining a lot by way of having a more professional, efficient workspace. As one of the ultimate tools to producing the ultimate meeting room for employees, teammates and new partners, projector screens Vancouver will gain you the credit you’ve been working so hard for as a budding (or recharged) business.