The Connected Home

Imagine laying in bed, lowering the shades, turning on the security camera, adjusting the kid’s night light & resetting the thermostat by calling out Goodnight to your Crestron Control System with integrated voice recognition.

Control your shades, lighting & thermostat remotely via an app or a pre-configured program so your home welcomes you from the moment you walk through the door.

Life really can be that easy!

Amazon® Dot, Google® Home and Crestron 7” Touch Screen with tabletop kit

Distributed Audio

Designer sound solutions that enhance any occasion

Simple control and elegant designs bring your favourite music into the heart of your home. Whether you’re singing in the shower or want to hear your favourite song in every room with the touch of a button, we can design a distributed audio solution for you.

The clean design and simple control of Sonos breathes life into your surround sound. It’s a small but mighty system!

Perhaps you want the sound but don’t want the visual footprint? The Sonance Invisible Series is the first speaker in the world that can be installed into the wall and drywall levelled without compromising the audio!

Simple, clean and impressive; that’s what you can expect from a Pacific Integration Distributed Audio system in your home.

Sonos 5.1 Wireless Surround Sound system with
Playbar, PlaySub and 2 x Play:1

Lighting Solutions

Automated lighting solutions to set the mood

Whether you’re looking to save energy when rooms are not in use or want to create the perfect setting, Crestron Lighting offers user-friendly solutions backed by world-class technology.

Control your lighting from a touch screen panel, handheld remote or mobile device.

Sophisticated, one-touch scenes will simultaneously adjust your lights, shades, music & thermostat to create ambiance for any scenario.

Crestron lighting sets the tone at the touch of a button.

Crestron Horizon keypads offer
customisable trims, configurations, text
& back lights

Shading Solutions

Shades that blend seamlessly into your interior design

With a range of fabrics & designs, Crestron Shading solutions transform rooms into elegant spaces at the touch of a button.

World-class technology lets you control your shades with ease from a keypad, touch screen or mobile device while discreet installation options give your home a clean, modern look.

Create the perfect mood with one touch lifestyle scenes which integrate lights, shades & climate.

Crestron shades offer elegant design powered by world-class technology.

Crestron designer keypad with custom engravings