Campus Solutions

Extron campus technology enables the delivery of education across the campus and beyond.

Whether you're looking to ensure the lecturer can be heard at the back or want to centralize control & deliver lessons across multiple campuses, Extron's powerful & intuitive solutions will make the grade.

Pacific Integration are experts at tailoring Campus AV to your needs. We design solutions that provide content in remote locations, routing to a central control room & managed by an individual touch panel within the classroom environment. Interactive displays and projectors allow multiple touch-points to engage learners.

Extron SMP-351 produces MP4 media files that are
compatible with virtually any media player and allows
speakers & learners to stream & record simultaneously.

Interactive Learning

Traditional pen & paper are being replaced by interactive solutions that cultivate potential & engage learners.

Products such as interactive projectors and digital touch displays allow instructors to take an innovative, hands-on approach to teaching & student interaction.

Students become active members of their education experience rather than passive bystanders simply taking notes. By being able to get out of their seats and interact with subject matter, students understand, retain & retrieve information in an increased capacity.

Sharp PN-70TA3 touch screen displays are designed for smooth and
effortless communication. Their highly responsive touch pens allow
several people to write on the same screen at the same time.

Wireless Collaboration

When minds meet, they don’t just exchange facts; they transform them & engage in new trains of thought.

Education is no longer restricted to the four walls of a classroom; versatile learning environments give students access to knowledge wherever they may be; the coffee shop on campus or the other side of the world!

More & more institutions are developing curriculums for distance learners & smart technology enables real-time collaboration for a hands-on learning experience. Learners connect via their own device & powerful processors featuring 4K scaling and high-resolution streaming video deliver dynamic video systems with a user-friendly control interface.

Smart wireless collaboration enables learners to wirelessly share & present research & ideas seamlessly.

An Extron MPS 601 is a compact six input, one output media
presentation switcher for routing digital and analog sources to a single

Paging & Emergency Systems

While you can’t predict when an emergency will happen, you can plan for it with an Emergency Paging System.

In an emergency, communication is key to ensure the safety of all students and faculty. With a custom emergency paging system set in place, you can have the peace of mind that urgent messages will reach the ears of those in need, without delay.

Paging systems also allow for background music to be distributed throughout hallways as well as providing students and faculty the ability to provide daily announcements for all to hear.

Make sure your messages are received loud & clear!

An Biamp Vocia WS-10 is a wall-mounted, networked, paging station
that forms part of a highly reliable & scalable solution with excellent
voice clarity & intelligibility.