Acoustic Treatment

Ultra absorbent tiles that immediately improve intelligibility and communication in offices, homes & event spaces

Sound absorbing panels for walls & ceilings reduce the reverberant field and are extremely effective at absorbing sound energy in the voice range.

Effective acoustic treatment not only improves the environment; it enhances the design with fully customisable shapes, sizes & patterns.

Eliminate audio distractions, assure privacy & improve communication

Vicoustic’s Wavewood panels act as both an absorber and a diffuser, bringing clarity and design to your space.

Digital Directories

The days of regularly updating expensive printed signs are over.

Digital directories provide a convenient, fast and attractive means to inform and guide visitors. Creative applications include building lobbies and mall entrances, where guests are greeted with a visually striking kiosk which directs them in a seamless manner.

Real-time updating allows visitors to access up-to-the-minute information that they require, when they need it. Interactive touch displays enhance this ability by allowing intuitive navigation for each guest or visitor.

Dynamically guide and direct your guests with an intuitive digital directory.

Enjoy flawless Full HD single video decoding, mainstream HTML5 performance & simultaneous playback from local, networked & streaming sources with the Brightsign HD-1023 Expanded I/O player

Overlay Touch KT-T Series is an attachable touch
screen that easily changes standard signage products
into touch products.

Interactive Wayfinding

Provide visitors all the information they need, all in one place.

Through an interactive touch screen display, visitors can find maps, directions, events, travel information and so much more.

Immediate access to the most up to date information ensures a stress free visit allowing them to have a positive and informative experience. This truly intuitive solution can be implemented across a large variety of applications including hotels, malls, casinos, universities, hospitals, rapid transit systems and airports.

Make your venue easy to navigate with interactive wayfinding.

Digital Signage & Video Walls

Keep content relevant & distribute your message across multiple touch points, quickly & efficiently.

Eye-catching visuals grab the attention of customers and communicate information in a powerful, dynamic way.

Digital signs can be customized to your preference, whether advertising a sale on fashion and merchandise, or displaying the menu of your new restaurant. Digital signage is easier to manage than ever; content is controlled remotely through a PC, whether in a store or relaxing on a beach.

Deliver your message in style with attention grabbing video walls & digital signage.

C3-540 CORIOmaster - The industry's most versatile,
cost effective and easy-to-use 4RU 4K modular
multi-window video processor.