When you’re planning or setting up a new conference room, it’s important that you set it up correctly. There are many ways to ruin a conference room, and many ways to make it perform exactly as you expect. For today’s blog article, we’ll be looking closely into two aspects of properly setting up a conference room.

Sound Masking

Sound masking is an often overlooked aspect of setting up conference rooms. Only after the conference room is built do people often realize, “I can hear the conversation in the next room during my conferences.” This is obviously a problem, as being interrupted during a video conference can be a real issue, not to mention you don’t want everyone in the company to hear what’s going on in your conference.

This is where sound masking comes in. Sound masking equipment and design prevents unwanted noise during your meetings, and can prevent a lot of problems down the road. It protects your secrets, and makes sure your meetings stay private. Sound masking also prevents a problems with audio, such as echoing and reverb. Sound masking absorbs the sound waves and prevents technical problems from interrupting your meetings.

Projector Screens

Modern conference rooms make full use of the projector, and projector technology that’s available to every business in Canada. With the global market playing a larger and larger role in Canadian business it’s inevitable that you’ll need to have quick and easy access to video conferencing capabilities. An important part of that is being able to see the people you’re speaking with from half way across the world.

Making full use of the equipment available to you takes careful planning and experience. Making sure your projector screen is implemented correctly is critical to the usefulness of your conference room. Proper positioning in the conference room allows for maximum comfortable seating, the proper seating arrangements for the required personnel, and easy viewing for all parties involved. Another factor to consider is the type of projector screen you’re using. Currently motorized projector screens are extremely popular, allow for easy deployment, and are guaranteed to impress any clients who use your conference room.

Motorized projector screens are the way of the future, and provide immense value for any conference room. If you have any questions about setting up a conference room, or about sound masking and the benefits it provides, give the experts here at Pacific Integration a call. We’re more than happy to talk about what we do, and to help you properly design and implement your new conference room.