Over the past decade, interactive classroom media like SMART boards have experienced a surge in popularity. As the benefits of interactive learning have demonstrated themselves, educators and educational institutions have recognized investments in interactive media as a strong strategy to enhance student learning. Find out why with Pacific Integration.

The Power Of Interactivity

Studies have shown time and time again that interactive learning material is an extremely powerful tool for educators. Adding interactivity to student subject-matter improves nearly every metric of student success. Information is better understood and retained, it is easier to retrieve, and drawing relationships between concepts comes more easily.

In today’s age, the classroom experience is competing for the attention of your students against powerful distractions. A life spent surrounded by electronic devices changes a students requirements for what will hold their attention. Teaching, across all levels of education, that can compete well in this competitive environment is far more successful than teaching that sticks to older models of education.

The power of interactive media is in its ability to turn learning from a passive into an active one. Students are required to devote far more of their attention to subject matter, are considerably less likely to be distracted, but do so willingly because they find the entire process substantially more enjoyable. Interactivity reduces the inclination to turn attention to other sources of information.

The Advantages Of Collaboration

By deploying interactive media strategically, not only can you make learning an active experience, but collaborative one as well. When students work together through interactive, collaborative media; they learn far more effectively. Through collaboration, you allow your students to become each-other’s teachers, significantly enhancing their experience and unlocking the productive potential of a classroom.

Interactive classroom media like SMART boards have become tremendously popular throughout Canadian educational institutions for exactly this reason. They turn classrooms from passive (boring) experiences where a student is simply expected to consume information to an active one where they get to interact with it.

There are hundreds of scientific studies and anecdotal experiences from around the world that confirm the power of interactive media to improve education. Allowing students to directly control their educational experience means they devote more attention to it, and learn better. Allowing them to do it together encourages them to teach eachother.

Pacific Integration

Interactive Media has a tremendous impact on education, and as knowledge of this impact spreads, technologies like SMART Boards are becoming a common feature of Canadian classrooms.

Whether teaching university students, kindergartners, or anything in between; deploying interactive media in the classroom can unlock the educational potential of your classroom.

Pacific Integration is Vancouver’s leader in interactive classroom media. If you are interested in the possibilities that interactive media can provide to your students, or would simply like to hear more about their benefits, get in touch!