Presentations don’t have to be a passive experience. Understanding how to make them active taps into the collaborative potential of your workforce, unlocking the productive capabilities of your meetings. Find out how SmartBoard technology from Pacific Integration can help.

What are SmartBoards?

SmartBoards are presentation tools that take the place of your regular projector screen, but allow for dynamic interaction from participants. Whether they’re literally drawing on the board itself, or using their personal devices to interact with the displayed material, SmartBoards allow a presentation to be an active experience for all those participating. By doing more than just consuming the information presented, but modifying and adding to it, participants are far more engaged in the experience of a presentation. Not only does this increase the uptake of information for your staff, but it also improves the quality of information on display. Errors can be quickly identified, and new perspectives and input from multiple stakeholders can be easily made known.

Decrease Review – Increase Comprehension

It doesn’t matter if your business is fashion design, aeronautical engineering, public sector, or private. If you are part of a team that collaborates to produce value for your business and clients, SmartBoards can make the process better and more efficient. Interactive, collaborative experiences produce higher engagement amongst your team members than passive information consumption. Because of this, they allow all meeting participants to more readily comprehend the subject matter on display, reducing the requirement to re-iterate or re-inform key stakeholders at a later date. SmartBoard presentations are memorable experiences because they allow for the active participation. Active participation means that an audience is far less likely to encounter distraction, and far more likely to comprehend a presentation’s subject matter.

Rising Popularity

The benefits of SmartBoards have been demonstrated time and time again in the educational sector. The impact on attention, comprehension, and the efficiency of teacher presentation are such that it’s difficult to find a classroom without a SmartBoard these days. Businesses have just begun to tap into the tremendous potential of SmartBoards, and their popularity has been taking off as the impact on team productivity become demonstrated.

Pacific Integration has a range of SmartBoard solutions that can fit the needs of any business, large or small. If you’re interested in finding out how a SmartBoard can increase the effectiveness of your team by making meetings an interactive, collaborative experience, get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.