Rather than starting this post off with the details about the best audio equipment available, we’re going to try a different approach. Having state of the art audio equipment is great, but having a room built for recording is even better.

The Science Behind Muffled Sounds

Simply put, even the best speakers can sound terrible in a room with poor acoustic features.
The basic principles of room acoustics suggest that the room you record in or listen in have a lot more to do with your listening adventure and enjoying the music or movie soundtracks than you might have thought. With different types of structures come different acoustic layouts, and having acoustic panelling Vancouver customize any particular room can take it to the next decibel.

Have you ever had a tough time distinguishing the words in the movie you’re watching? Here’s the explanation: even with a nice speaker, wood, tile floors and glass objects in the room (think about that side table, the windows, and anything between you and the TV screen) “reflect” sound. We hear a lot of reflections in conversation, when we connect with the world and so on; they’re all around! It’d be great if there was a magic spell that could catch those reflections and banish them so we could all enjoy perfect audio clarity, but unfortunately reflections are here (or should we say “hear”) to stay.

Making Adjustments

That being said, the “muddiness” that reflections bring can be treated with the right adjustments at home. Ready to get back the clarity and detail you were expecting from the speakers? Audio experts firmly believe that your equipment must work together with your room for the ultimate experience. Start with a lot of small adjustments to your room, considering the room’s dimensions, wall composition materials, floor materials, ceiling, decorations, furniture, windows doors and treatments on all the surfaces – they all affect and reflect the sound! Moving it all around can change that. Additionally, without spending a cent, you can adjust your speakers and do some minor redecorating to improve your audio experience for any room in your home. Beyond these adjustments, acoustic panelling Vancouver is another way to pump up the volume while staying within a budget.

Solving the Problem

If you’re browsing new equipment and your wallet is sighing, you’re not alone. Gear gets expensive, and maybe you’re not exactly an interior designer trained in the art of audio reflection. That’s okay. Don’t go smashing everything down just yet! Breaking the bank over brand new equipment is silly when there’s an easier solution and more affordable solution at your fingertips. We can’t stress it enough; make acoustic treatment your priority and transform your recording room or home theatre with acoustic panelling, that absorbs the sound you’re pumping through the speakers, rather than reflecting it. Your acoustic panelling Vancouver experts will assess the room and give you a customized listening sanctuary based on the layout, material and aesthetic of the room for a price that’s music to your ears!